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Visualized with pennies.

Thanks to Allah.


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Now that our fist party is over (And a resounding success, I might add). It’s time for some sage advice looking forward.

Going From Protest to Practicality.

There needs to be a collective discussion on what our next steps should be. But, before that, there are a couple things that should not happen:

  1. The Tea Party movement must not become a tool of a political party or ideology. Everyone already thinks that the movement was funded and pushed by some vast group of right wing puppeteers. Yes, cutting taxes and government spending/inteference are conservative principles…but not necessarily Republican ones. The Tea Party movement must remain on message, and welcome everyone to the table who believes in that message…including Blue Dog Democrats.
  2. People must check their egos and ambitions at the door. It would be a shame to watch the Tea Party movement become what, to some degree, the pro-mission movement has become: a collection of various small groups that share the same members and resources, but are rarely able to come to consensus on overall messaging and strategy. Unfortunately, that’s already beginning.  Tea Partiers must realize that movements such as ours are easily killed by individual ambition-especially at their outset. We are one group, united under a common mission and purpose. Building spinoff groups could well prove fatal to that mission.

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I’ve seen some of the signs of splinter groups already. Either trying to co-opt the Tea Party or start their own offshoot from the Tea Party success that happened. That defeats the purpose of the Tea Parties to begin with.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or left wing but are tired of politics as usual. What the Tea Parties lack in monetary funds we make up in the masses and the desire to see the Government finally work for the people. And by work for the poeple, I mean to get the hell out of the way and let the free market work.

Congress needs to hear and see the unified voices of all Americans screaming, “You bastards. You work for us. Pay attention or you will be fired.”

That voice needs to be long term too. So the Tea Parties won’t be ignored as a the ‘flash in the pan’ and it’s gone. Your Congressman needs to hear about the Tea Parties and see the unified front all the way to their next election.

Otherwise it’s back to them putting their political parties interest over the people who voted for them.

The masses voted for change in November. Change isn’t coming. It’s been more of the same on a much bigger scale. Pres. Bush passed his stimulus bill and the bail-outs. Pres. Obama is steering the same truck down a much steeper path.

“We must not let our Leaders, load us with Perpetual Debt” ~Thomas Jefferson 1816

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Then pay attention to this.

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A Big Thank You

To all of the volunteers and the Richmond Police and to everyone else who pitched in to help out with the event.

Thank you.

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Thanks to Little Miss Attila.

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