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Remember that campaign promise that Barack Obama made about not raising taxes on anyone making underneath $250 K a year?

That was from Candidate Obama. Not President Obama. There is a difference, it’s subtle but it’s there.

The Press Corp can’t even take Gibbs with a straight face. Cue the laughter at the end of the clip.

The other point to this? The White House and Congress are looking for ways to pay for nationalized health care. Remember this when the next idiot of an ass clown starts griping about wanting ‘free health care’.


Via Moe Lane


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I haven’t even gone into any of the nuances of the Cap and Trade bill yet and it begs the question. If the Henry Waxman of the Waxman-Markey bill admits he doesn’t even know what is in the bill, should it really be passed?

All signs point to no.

It’s their freaking jobs to know what is in there before voting Ya or Nay.

Michelle has the details on who to call in Congress. Give them an earful.

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